Cold of Winter - Winter 2016 DJ Mix

by Kaleidoscope Jukebox



Winter can be an emotional, beautiful and sometimes dark, barren time of year. For some, their surroundings are transformed into an icy, snowy landscape full of grey skies. It is a season of survival. With the distance from the Sun, the Earth bundles up in snow to protect itself and preserve for spring. Humans and animals withdraw and hibernate, rest and patiently await the return of our most important life giving source...the Sun. This mix is for embracing the chill of winter and all that it brings about internally and externally. Use it for hibernating by a fire, on a frozen drive, or for gazing at stars thru a snowflake peppered sky. The vibe that winter inevitably brings forth is a powerful and complex one. Enjoy and embrace every season.

Hidden Orchestra - Cello
Tor - Glass & Stone
Bersarin Quartett - Mehr als Alles Andere
Blackfilm - Sonar
DJ Krush - Black Rain
Portico Quintet - Knee Deep In The North Sea
Dictaphone - The Conversation
DJ Food - The Crow
Amon Tobin - Easy Muffin
Beats Antique - Three Sisters


released December 5, 2016



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